Pleasant Hills Authority

The service area for the Pleasant Hills Authority includes the Borough of Pleasant Hills and parts of the Boroughs of Baldwin, Whitehall, Jefferson Hills and Bethel Park and part of the Township of South Park.

The sewage collection facilities in the served municipalities are owned, operated, and maintained by the respective municipalities.

The Sewer System consists of approximately 11.5 miles of interceptor sewers, two sewage pumping station and a 5.0 MGD sewage treatment plant. In 1958-1959, the Lewis Run Pump Station, the interceptor sewers and a 3.0 MGD sewage treatment plant were constructed. In 1982, the Authority constructed the Sunrise Drive Pump Station and installed 1,200 feet of 6-inch diameter force main to replace a portion of the original interceptor sewer which was crushed and inoperable. During 1988-1990, the Authority increased the capacity of the Lewis Run Pump Station and expanded the sewage treatment plant to treat 5.0 MGD from 3.0 MGD.