The Pleasant Hills Authority (PHA) does not set the residential and commercial rates paid by the users. PHA charges a sewage service fee to the individual municipalities, which is based on the water consumption of users in the municipality**. The municipalities then set the sewage rate for the users in their municipality. In addition to the service fee paid to PHA, the municipal sewage rate may incorporate the following charges:

• Service fees paid to other sewage treatment providers (if only part of the municipalities sewage is treated by PHA)
• Costs for maintenance of the municipal sewage collection sewer system
• Costs for capital improvement to the municipal sewage collection sewer system

For information about an individual sewer rate, please contact the individual municipality.

**Note: Under the Consent Order and Agreement signed by the Pleasant Hills Authority, the service fee must move to a sewage flow-based fee from the current water consumption based fee.  After completion of the Master Billing Meter Project, the Authority will move to the sewage flow-based rate structure.